Why Don’t You Laugh Much?

Four year old kids laugh 300 times a day — something that takes the average 40 year old over two months to accomplish

It struck me that we live in such a rational-dominant world, dating back to the Enlightenment, that we are only beginning to understand the immense power of our other capabilities — things like imagination and humor and social connection — all deeply relevant to unleashing our creative potential.

People obviously feel an immense thirst to express aspects of themselves that get repressed by modern systems — from the way we’re educated to the way modern capitalism systems can soul crush us.

We are our relationships and who we surround ourselves with — choose wisely!

Post-Enlightenment, we spend way too much time in our heads and in concepts, or mired in debilitating emotions or limiting beliefs like guilt or shame, rather than choosing the moment.

Founder, BLK SHP; Cofounder, Giving Tuesday; Author, LITTLE BETS & TRUE NORTH

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