Four year old kids laugh 300 times a day — something that takes the average 40 year old over two months to accomplish

Art remix by Koty2.

Image: Pfizer Medical Team

Why “Head-Driven” Leaders Are Struggling

“Legend says when a phoenix rises from the ashes, she is even more beautiful than she was before she burned.” by Erica Drinkard

Our Gods aren’t celebrities. We needed a cultural reset.

End the cycle by building an A-team of friends

Credit: David Madison/Getty Images

Power is increasingly becoming horizontal rather than vertical

If we don’t go back and give back to where we came from, none of our glittering accolades or innovations in Silicon Valley will be worth a damn

Photo credit DonkeyHotey

I originally posted this blog on the Huffington Post in December 2011. Re-posting without comment:

Source: Harvard Business Review

Are you living in a “new power” world or still stuck in the old?

We got on an old rocker’s tour bus and went around America to find out

Peter Eagle Sims

Founder, BLK SHP; Cofounder, Giving Tuesday; Author, LITTLE BETS & TRUE NORTH

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